Oregon Wine Press Review


May 1, 2014

Oregon Pinot Noir

For the May 2014 tasting, wineries sent us currently available Pinot Noirs — mostly 2012s, along with several 2011s. They are two excellent but stylistically very different vintages.

At their best, the 2011s can be classically Burgundian in style. Elegant, earthy, multi-layered flavors and delicately enticing fruit. The kinds of wines most Oregon winemakers strive to produce every year.

Generosity is what we see in the 2012s. Ripe, fruity and full-bodied. The best are well balanced, making them wines a lot of people will love.

As tasty as they may be, this is not the style preferred by many Oregon winemakers. To their way of thinking, these are non-pinot Pinots.

So, this month, we have the clean, mean and delightfully lean 2011s along with the big, bold and unabashedly brassy 2012s. Not to mention, a divine 2009 and an excellent 2010 that snuck in because they are, in fact, among those wineries’ most recent releases...

2011 Love & Squalor Willamette Valley Pinot Noir

Six Yamhill Valley vineyards contribute to this masterful blend offering an appealing experience from first sip to final savor. Engaging flavors of cocoa, smoke and strawberry lend structure to the wine’s resolved tannins. $24; 848 cases