OREGON WINE PRESS: Chinese and Christmas

Photo by John Valls Photography

Photo by John Valls Photography

Matt got a quote in the Oregon Wine Press this month.
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December 1, 2017
Chinese and Christmas
The deliciously popular American holiday pairing
By Mark Stock

Most Americans possess at least one fond memory wherein Chinese food played a starring role. Perhaps not the decidedly authentic food available on the streets of Shanghai, Shenzhen or Beijing, but an Americanized cousin nonetheless. There is something deeply satisfying about even the most-farfetched and unhealthy adaptations of classic Middle Kingdom dishes. Given that there are now nearly 45,000 Chinese-American restaurants in the U.S., that type of satisfaction is rarely far from home.

...Winemaker Matt Berson of Love & Squalor Wine in McMinnville seeks out places like Szechuan Chef and Ocean City in Portland around the holidays. “We often find ourselves converging on a Chinese restaurant over the Christmas holiday,” he said. “They are usually the only places open, and they are convivial with the big family tables and the Lazy Susans for the kids to play with.”
Berson adds how the noodles and fried food, all-too-familiar during Hanukkah, might have something to do with the fixation. Moreover, the typical Chinese restaurant is unlikely to go overboard with the Christmas decorations, a draw for those who prefer a good egg roll to an animatronic reindeer...

What they forgot to mention is what goes best with Chinese food: Love & Squalor RIESLING!
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