Thanksgiving Open House

Ah, Thanksgiving. My favorite holiday. Food and drink and an excuse to sit for hours with family and friends. 2011 was the latest grape harvest in my career - Pinot noir was still out hanging on the vines into the beginning of November - and there is still lots of work to be done in the winery. So I welcome even more heartily the excuse to sit and catch up and eat and laugh. The fermenting wine can wait one more day.

Please join Love & Squalor and my four winery-mates for the first tasting at our brand new winery in downtown McMinnville. We will be popping corks and slinging adjectives from 11-4pm, Friday, Saturday and Sunday after Thanksgiving.

Matello, Love & Squalor, Bow & Arrow, Ribera Vineyard and Vista Hills Vineyards Five wineries for $10 November 25, 26 and 27 925 N.E. Seventh Avenue, McMinnville (corner of NE 7th and Alpine, across from the Saturday Market) Phone: (503)453-9505