Sticky & Sweet

It was a slow run-up to Harvest this year, a lot of hurry up and wait, but now it is on in full. The grapes are bursting with sugar and the flavors are as layered as they probably will get. We'll let a little bit hang a few days longer just to see what happens, but the rest of the Pinot is pouring into the winery in a deluge of white half-ton totes. The crew (all four of us!) has started working some crazy-long days just to get all of those clusters through the sorting line, into the destemmer and on its way to vinification. Today's 17 hours of sorting and stacking was fueled by Heather's crock-pot pot roast, local (Heater Allen) lagers, and a killer party hip-hop set list by our own (Big) Chris Williams. The result was a winery bursting with full-to-the-brim fermenters and fresh fruit smells. No telling what tomorrow's theme will be, but it's sure to be filled with sticky & sweet times and the birth of some mighty fine wine.